Retire in Mexico

Why Retire to Mexico?

It’s estimated that 90 million North Americans (‘baby boomers’), will be retiring over the next ten years.
Invest now, and you will get in when the prices are low. The U.S. economy has suffered the worst in recorded history. That situation will not last forever and millions are already looking at retiring to Mexico.

Real estate is always a great investment, and choosing a location near the beach will ensure your investment holds its value better than any other!

Cost of Living

Mexico’s low cost-of-living and low inflation rate makes it affordable to retirees on fixed incomes. While initial real estate purchase costs can be equivalent to those in a smaller city in Canada or the US, property taxes, subsequent maintenance and energy costs are dramatically lower, as much as 10- 20% of similar costs in Canada. Personal expenses such as food and clothing, medical and dental are also significantly lower. Housekeeper for the day: $15 – 20. Property taxes for the year: $100 – 300. A therapeutic massage: $40 for an hour.


Blessed with superb weather and natural beauty, Mexico is as geographically diverse as anywhere on earth. From endless sandy beaches to tropical forests teeming with wildlife, snow-capped mountains to jungle-covered plateaus, and eye-popping scenic wonders such as the ancient ruins of past civilizations, the vast, world-renowned Copper Canyon or the stunning multi-hued deserts of Chihuahua. Traveling in Mexico is a life-enriching and rewarding experience.


In many parts of Mexico, there are all the modern conveniences of large supermarkets and big-box supply stores, satellite TV, in-home hi-speed Internet, top-notch nightlife, restaurants, theatre, and entertainment. On the practical side, there’s a great public transportation system as well as an ever- expanding highway network similar to the US Interstate. There’s access to world-class medical and dental facilities that cost considerably less than elsewhere in North America. Outside of Mexico City and away from the border, violent crime is extremely rare in Mexico.