Invest in Mexico

Why Invest in Mexico?

It’s estimated that 90 million North Americans (‘baby boomers’), will be retiring over the next ten years.  Riviera Nayarit Mexico was named one of the Best Place in the World to Own a Second Home (International Property Journal, 2010). Mexico offers an affordable and enjoyable place to visit, or stay and some great investment opportunities!  If you’ve ever been interested in Mexico, now is the time!

Where Do People Want to Be?

In the SUNSHINE (Riviera Nayarit Mexico boasts 330 days of sunshine a year)
On or near the beach / ocean views / mountain views (Puerto Vallarta is located in the Bay of Banderas, one of the largest bays in Mexico, and is surrounded by mountains)
Near shopping (from high end malls, to street vendors, Mexico is a shoppers paradise!) – Relaxing place (from secluded beaches to hilltop wellness center and spa, our developments offer tranquility that is close to everything)

Who else is investing in the area?

The Mexican Government: billions in infrastructure projects are underway, and planned that include golf courses, retreats, highways, septic systems, water treatment plants.
International investors – Fortune 500 companies: Rolex, Walmart, Costco, and many, many others – Retirees, Canadian and US investors – Private corporations: business is big in Mexico
Over 2 billion dollars of private investment was put into the Riviera Nayarit area over the last few years from Europe, US, Canada, and Mexico.

The Numbers Make Sense

Mexico’s low property taxes, cost-of-living and inflation rate makes it affordable to invest in Mexico. While initial real estate purchase costs can be equivalent to those in a smaller city in Canada or the US, the amenities and environment is much better and the property taxes, subsequent maintenance and energy costs are dramatically lower. Personal expenses such as food and clothing, medical and dental are also significantly lower. Housekeeper for the day: $15 – 20. Property taxes for the year: $100 – 200. A therapeutic massage: $40 for an hour.

3) What is the potential for capital appreciation?

Are big companies investing here: YES! Walmart, Sams, Costco, Home Depot, & many more Fortune 500′s
Is there a low crime rate: YES! According to Government stats, Nayarit has the lowest rate of crime in Mexico
 Is the government investing in this area: YES! New $40M dollar marina, highway improvements, & more

How do prices compare to other resort destination? Comparing weather, amenities, convenience and price this area is top notch!