Why Retire to Mexico?

It’s estimated that 90 million North Americans (‘baby boomers’), will be retiring over the next ten years.
Invest now, and you will get in when the prices are low. The U.S. economy has suffered the worst in recorded history. That situation will not last forever and millions are already looking at retiring to Mexico.

Real estate is always a great investment, and choosing a location near the beach will ensure your investment holds its value better than any other!

You can be as much, or as little involved in the culture as you like: there are many English speaking areas with everything from high end shopping malls and casinos, to art galleries and symphonies, Walmarts, Home Depots and Costco’s. There are also language lessons, salsa dancing, tacos, quaint street markets and colonial towns with painted squares and live music.

We know how important this phase of your life is and where you choose to retire is crucial to your ability to live the life you’ve always planned for. Three major factors in deciding where to retire are: Cost of living (what quality of life will I be able to afford there on my pension/savings?), Environment (will I like the living conditions?), and Community (will I enjoy the social milieu? What is there to do?). After considering these factors more Canadians and Americans choose to retire in Mexico than anywhere else in the world.