The Numbers Make Sense

Mexico’s low property taxes, cost-of-living and inflation rate makes it affordable to invest in Mexico. While initial real estate purchase costs can be equivalent to those in a smaller city in Canada or the US, the amenities and environment is much better and the property taxes, subsequent maintenance and energy costs are dramatically lower. Personal expenses such as food and clothing, medical and dental are also significantly lower. Housekeeper for the day: $15 – 20. Property taxes for the year: $100 – 200. A therapeutic massage: $40 for an hour. As us for a ROI (Return On Investment) document on the property of your choice.
1) Can you rent it year ’round? YES! This is where North Americans come for fall, winter and spring, and Mexican Nationals come for summer vacations.
2) What is your cost to hold the investment? Property taxes are just $100 – $300 for the year, and monthly maintenance fees are between $0.14 – 0.24 cents a square foot, depending on the property. (Can be offset with rentals year ’round)