Cost of Living

Mexico’s low cost-of-living and low inflation rate makes it affordable to retirees on fixed incomes. While initial real estate purchase costs can be equivalent to those in a smaller city in Canada or the US, property taxes, subsequent maintenance and energy costs are dramatically lower, as much as 10- 20% of similar costs in Canada. Personal expenses such as food and clothing, medical and dental are also significantly lower. Housekeeper for the day: $15 – 20. Property taxes for the year: $100 – 300. A therapeutic massage: $40 for an hour. Medical on the local medical care system: less than $200 for the year. Where else can you be 1 block off the beach in a gorgeous brand new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo with a giant swimming pool, business center and more close to shopping, international airport and limitless land and water activities year round, for less than $200,000?