In many parts of Mexico, there are all the modern conveniences of large supermarkets and big-box supply stores, satellite TV, in-home hi-speed Internet, top-notch nightlife, restaurants, theatre, and entertainment. On the practical side, there’s a great public transportation system as well as an ever- expanding highway network similar to the US Interstate. There’s access to world-class medical and dental facilities that cost considerably less than elsewhere in North America. Outside of Mexico City and away from the border, violent crime is extremely rare in Mexico. Retirees living here generally find it safer than most major urban areas in Canada. Furthermore, there’s a large ex-pat community throughout |Mexico that can help newcomers integrate comfortably into the local Mexican community and culture. Many retirees find the transition not only seamless but deeply enriching.
In a nutshell, Mexico offers an affordable and enjoyable place to retire. And it’s only a few hours flying time from most major North American cities many of which offer direct flights. The issue most people who relocate to Mexico face is when your friends and family come visit, they may not want to leave!